National Centre for Genetic Resources

The College and its management are very keen to carry out original research in Agriculture and associated domains. A rigorous research environment in the campus will positively contribute to the academic excellence of all courses of study of the institution. The students will also have the opportunity to interact with researchers, visiting professors and scientists both from within our country and from abroad. This National Centre for Genetic Resources (NCGR) will be an umbrella framework to coordinate the research, co-curricular and extracurricular academic pursuits of all students and faculty members.

This centre of excellence will focus on the isolation, culture and study of the genetic materials of the different plant’s diversity. A national bank of these reference materials will be preserved. It will also study the different fungi and other microbes associated with plant kingdom and investigate the enzymes and other products released by them looking for any anti-malarial or anti-cancer properties. This will be a state of the art centre associated with expert scientists of proven competence.

A very senior and experienced academician with global contacts will be its Director, who will be heading the centre. The research team will be guided by an experienced Fulbright (USA) Scholar.